3B Skelet Classic "Stan" op statief



Statief 5-voet, met rem

Zware uitvoering

Lengte 170 cm

Gewicht 8 kg

Human Skeleton Model Stan, on pelvic mounted 5 foot roller stand

This classic human skeleton model (we call him Stan) has been the standard anatomical skeleton model of quality in hos

pitals, schools, universities, and laboratories for over 50 years. Don't settle for imitations which compromise quality in wo

rkmanship and materials. Don't compromise in your demands for a medically accurate, safe skeleton model,and scientifi

c quality ask for Stan, he's your man!

• Excellent price-performance ratio

• 3-year warranty

• First-class natural cast "Made in Germany"

• Manual final assembly

• Made of durable, unbreakable plastic

• Almost realistic weight of the approx. 200 bones

• Life-size

• 3-part mounted skull

• Individually inserted teeth

• Limbs are quick and easy to remove

• Stand and dust cover included

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Breedte 25 cm, diepte 36 cm, hoogte 40 cm.

Functioneel schouder gewricht A80


3B Funcitonal Knee Joint

This high-quality functional knee joint model of a naturally-sized right knee joint with ligaments shows the anatomy and possible physiological movements (e.g. abductions, anteversion, retroversion, internal and external rotation) in exceptional detail. The color of the natural-cast bones of the knee joint is extremely realistic. The cartilage on the knee joint surfaces is marked blue. Knee joint consists of thigh stump, shinbone stump and calf bone stump, menisci and patella. Functional Knee joint mounted on a base.

3B Flexibele ruggengraat

Deluxe Flexible Spine with femur heads
In addition to all features of the Classic Spine Series our Deluxe Spine has a sacral opening and exposed brain stem for advanced studies of the anatomy of the human spine. Other features of the this high quality spine are:
  • Extremely good value and durable
  • Full pelvis and occipital plate
  • Fully flexible mounting throughout spine
  • L3-L4 disc prolapsed on spinal column
  • Spinal nerve exits
  • Cervical vertebral artery
  • Male pelvis
  • With movable mounted femur heads
  • 83 cm

3B Multifunctionele ruggengraatstandaard



Stand for Spinal Columns and Skeletons, 3 part
New, worldwide unique spine and skeleton stand! This stand...

• Can be placed on the floor
• Or mounted on a wall!
• Made of nickel-plated steel

This stand works great for 3B Scientific spines and hanging skeleton models!

3B Thoracic spinal column



Thoracic Spinal Column
This spinal replica consists of the 12 thoracic vertebrae with intervertebral discs, thoracic nerves and spinal cord. This quality thoracic spinal column is affordable and anatomically correct. Spinal column delivered on flexible stand.

3B Neurovascular scull



Neurovascular Skull
A life size human adult skull with seven cervical vertebrae mounted upon a stand.

The skull shows arteries on one side and nerves on the other. Removing the vault exposes the main nerves and arteries on the floor of the cranium. The skull also features 12 cranial nerves and the distribution of their branches. This skull is a good tool for the study of the anatomy of both the skull and the human nervous system.